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December 2010

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Happy holidays to all! I know I’ve been amiss about blogging. Poor Jack will have an abysmal amount of journal entries about his babyhood compared to his big sister. Two kids and a full time job, though, are not conducive to leisurely writing time. And, as Jack is getting into mischief as I type this by pulling who-knows-what out of his sister’s backpack, here are the Fisk family updates in list form.

1) Oct. 24: Scott and I took the kids to Boo at the Zoo and loved it so much that it will be our new Halloween tradition, I think. For those of you who don’t know, Riverbanks Zoo opens its doors after hours to celebrate Halloween with music, bonfires on which you can roast marshmallows, and a trick-or-treating trail. My favorite part was seeing the sleepy (or sleeping) animals, many of whom took no interest in the festivities. Even the goats at the petting zoo, who normally are always begging for food, were curled up in their hay beds. The elephants, however, were partying hard. I swear I saw one moving its legs in rhythm to “The Monster Mash.” Below, the featured photo is of Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep. Thanks to Kayla Wilkes for these fabulous Halloween photos at the Horseshoe.

2) Scott and I spent Halloween weekend in Washington, DC at Jon Stewart’s Rally for Sanity. — which was why we took the kids trick-or-treating a week early, and good thing too. Arina and Jack were sick Halloween weekend and missed the trick-or-treating they were planning to do with Nana and Pop. Scott and I had tons of fun, though, and were very proud of our signs.

3) Jack turned one on November 12! Yay for growing boys! At one, Jack is into everything. As I’m typing, he is in the kitchen with me, pulling out my baking pans (having moved on from his big sister’s backpack). Although we thought he’d skip crawling and go straight to walking, he has decided that tall as he is (95th percentile in height), crawling is safer. He only walks when he can hold onto something. If there is too big of a gap between whatever he is holding onto and the next thing, he’ll drop on his butt, crawl at lightening speed, and pull up again. He babbles constanting (ma ma ma ma, da da da da, and a boo) and has perfected “uh oh.” — even using it correctly in “uh oh” situations.

He’s a curious boy, wanting to hold anything and everything, which he’ll point to. The first time Scott took him shopping after he’d learned to point: he used both hands, would swing them around wildly, and say “Ehh! Ehh! Ehh! Ehh!” with enthusiasm.

He’s also passionate, like his mama. When he’s upset, he’ll literally wring his hands and wail. When he’s angry, he’ll scream and throw things (this, incidentally, is like his daddy). But, when he’s happy, he’s a delight, cooing and laughing and loving. He “loves” by nuzzling our faces.

And he’s a Mama’s boy. The perfect illustration of this: when he woke up in the middle of the night one night (which is rare, thankfully), he turned away from Scott, who was in a fury, cuddled up to me in the bed, reached out for my hand, and fell asleep holding it.

Below, the featured photo is Jack with a dirty face, after playing with his daddy in the garage.

4) And, now, for the holidays. As usual, we neglected to take photos at Thanksgiving (sigh) but made up for it at Christmas. Arina continues to surprise us with her awesomeness. She woke up on Christmas morning, squealed with delight over the presents that Santa left (and the fact that he and the reindeer ate their treats), and then begged us to open our presents from her first. She even fed Jack his bottle for us while we did so. Incidentally, she loves her baby brother so much that she asked Santa for more presents for him than for her.

And here’s a photo of the boy on Christmas morning. Scott offered to edit out the Mr. Knightley dog hair that’s on his face, but as photographer-friend Shannon says, that’s what makes it real, because life is messy.

5) And now for some Arina-isms: Arina walked in on Jack’s bath, started laughing, and claimed that she was laughing at his “wiener.” Me: “His what? It’s called a penis. Who calls it a wiener?” A: “No one. I just think it looks like a hot dog.” I was offended on Jack’s behalf.

I have decided that Arina could not be more like me. Latest report card: all top marks, except in Math and PE.

Arina was completely stressed out by Tacky Day at school. She said the clothes I picked out for her were “crazy” and asked three times, “Are you SURE today is Tacky Day?” She came home in a huff, since not all of the kids were tacky. She said they “forgot” and grumbled that we should have forgotten too.

Arina’s take on why she and another girl were fighting: “She was wanting my silly band, and I accidentally didn’t want to share.”

6) Finally, visit the gallery for more photos. Highlights include Aunt Susie’s visit in October and our fabulous Kiawah weekend in December. Until Scott finishes his web site revisions, you’ll need to go back to the homepage to access the photo gallery.

Happiest of New Years from the Fisks! xo.