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Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Arina’s second Christmas in the States has come and gone! She definitely knew more of what was going on this year than the last. Telling her to be a good girl for Santa Claus worked wonders. My parents have a friend who is tall with a long white beard, and when Arina saw him, she ran up to him and said, “I been good!” 

We spent Christmas Eve, and a few days before, in McBee. This particular day wasn’t the best weather-wise, as it had been raining, but it was warm enough for Arina to go outside without a jacket and to jump into puddles. The jumping into puddles part, however, made it the “best day ever.”

As always, we went to MaMa Shirley’s house on Christmas Eve. Arina is wearing the “puddle clothes,” after they have been washed and dried, of course, and is posing in front of MaMa’s Christmas tree, which she probably helped decorate. She helped decorate the trees in McBee, rather than in Columbia, because her MaMa and Nana have much more patience than her Mommy. I decorated the house in Columbia while the baby was away.

We woke up Christmas morning in McBee and then drove to Charleston to spend the evening and a couple of days after Christmas with the Fisks. Arina had a great time with her cousins, Marley and Parker. She followed Marley around everywhere, calling her “Marmey,” instead of “Marley.” (We’re having a bit of trouble with our “L” sound, but it’s very cute.)

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P.S. We did celebrate Thanksgiving this year, but, unfortunately, Scott forgot his camara. Arina is a huge fan of cranberries, though.