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October-November 2007

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

On October 13th, Arina was reunited with a little girl from Malutka Baby House. Tom and Linda Adcox brought their little girl Stephanie, who is about a year younger than Arina, to visit. They’re from North Carolina. Interestingly, Arina and Stephanie were part of a group of three little ones who were shown to Tom and Linda when they were in Karaganda, about a month before Scott and I left the States. They said that Arina would have nothing to do with them, that she cried the entire time, whereas Stephanie only had eyes for Linda. This confirms the theory that many adoptive parents have: the children choose the parents, rather than the other way around. Below: Arina and Stephanie, reunited.

The following day we went to the South Carolina State Fair, and Arina had a ball. The first thing she wanted to do was ride a roller coaster — The Dragon. All of the other kids looked to be around five or six years old, and she was barely tall enough. The man in charge let us on, with the stipulation that I ride with her, of course. She looks terrified in the photos, but as soon as the ride was over, she raised her arms and said “again!” (We realized afterward that it probably wasn’t smart for us to let her ride a roller coaster immediately after she ate — fried mushrooms and italian sausage, no less — but she managed to keep her food down).

Her next ride of choice was the much less exciting kiddie train. She wasn’t impressed and asked to ride another roller coaster. The second roller coaster, The Dragon Wagon, was a bit tamer than The Dragon, so she rode this one by herself. We were very proud. There was another, older girl who was crying and screaming the entire time, but Arina’s confidence wasn’t phased a bit. Below: Fisk family at the Fair.

Other events this month have included Vena Catoe’s birthday party. Arina loves the skating rink, but she must have been going too fast, because all of Scott’s photos are blurry.

Halloween was a big event this year. We started asking Arina what she wanted to dress up as months in advance, and the answer was always the same — “Squeak, squeak.” Yes, she still calls most animals by the sound they make rather than their name. We’re working on that. So, Arina was a mouse, both at her pre-school and for Halloween. I was under the weather, so Scott was in charge. He took her to a Halloween festival and to a trunk-or-treat. (For those of you who have never heard of trunk-or-treats: people decorate their car trunks (with spider webs and such) and fill them with candy). Scott didn’t have time to decorate, so he put Arina in the trunk with a flashlight and let her jump out to scare people, and then hand out candy. She LOVED this — better than trick-or-treating herself, actually. Below: Arina and her friend, Ford, participate in a Halloween activity.