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August 2007

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

I know it’s inexcusable to have gone so long without updating the web site. August was perhaps the busiest month so far, though. Arina vacationed in Hilton Head with Mommy, Daddy, Nana, and Pop. She and Pop had perfected sandcastle building by the end of the trip.

August was the month of parties. Arina hosted Nat’s graduation party and Jordan’s birthday party. Nat and Jordan should have gotten all of the presents, of course, but whenever Mrs. Leppard is involved, Arina gets presents too. Arina was so thrilled to get her first real princess dress that she stripped in front of everyone in her hurry to try it on. 

Then, she turned three-years-old, and — appropriately enough — had three birthday celebrations (one in Charleston, one in Columbia, and one in McBee). We went to Charleston the week before her birthday, so that she and her Daddy could celebrate a joint birthday (Scott turned thirty-one on August 3rd). Marly helped make the cakes and did a fantastic job. Arina especially liked the sprinkles on hers. The following Wednesday, she celebrated her birthday with Aunts DC and Nat and Uncle Joel. Nat surprised us all with the most spectacular “tur-tle” cake that has ever been baked. Yes, that is blue jello water and candy fish. And, yes, it was yummy.

Another highlight of the Columbia birthday party was a pinata — Joel’s idea. We told Arina that there was candy inside the pinata and gave her a bat, and she knew exactly what to do.


Funny story of the month: Arina and I were walking on the USC campus, and I asked her to hold my hand before crossing the street. She said, “Hand, dirty, mine,” and she was right. It looked like she had rubbed her hand against the car tire. But, Star Wars geek that I am, I said — somewhat distractedly — “My hands are dirty too. What are you afraid of?” She looked up at me and said — quite simply — “dragons.”