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March 10, 2007

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Yes, I’m a day late again.  But, I have good reason, as I’m desperately trying to finish my dissertation this semester.  And I think finishing is in my reach, thanks to my wonderful friends who baby-sit, for free no less!, whenever I need them.  It is fitting, therefore, that this month’s photos feature several of these friends. 

This has been an exciting month for Arina, as she has started attending “school” three days a week, where she gets to play with other two-and-a-half year olds.  She loves school, unless she has been baby-sat by DC (Tracy), Nat (Natalie), and Ra Ra (Rachel) the night before.  If she has been baby-sat the night before and I say “Yay!  School!” the next morning, she pouts and says “No!  DC, Nat, Ra Ra.”

Arina’s “Uncle Joel” (Aunt Nat’s boyfriend) visited this month, and with Uncle Joel, comes big presents.  Arina is now the proud owner of a three foot (maybe five foot?) turtle.  As soon as she saw it, she squealed “tur-tle” and tried to carry it to the living room; this was extremely entertaining as one of the turtle’s feet is as big as her head.  She loves her tur-tle so much that she attacked J.D. whenever he neared it, shouting “My tur-tle!”  Joel proudly says that, in one visit, he taught the Russian baby girl all about capitalism.

Life with Arina and tur-tle has been interesting.  She doesn’t understand why he can’t sleep in the crib with her, sit at the breakfast table while she eats, and make his way up and downstairs as often as she does.  A new bedtime ritual is “tucking tur-tle in,” as this is the only way she’ll go to sleep without him.

As if meeting tur-tle wasn’t exciting enough, Arina also got to meet her “Aunt” Stacey, visiting from New Mexico.  Stacey spent the night, read Arina Goodnight Moon before bed, and is responsible for nearly all the photos in this month’s photo gallery!  We love you, CC!