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February 10, 2007

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

We don’t have many photos in our gallery this month, which I regret because I can’t believe how rapidly Arina is growing!  She’s still small for her age, but we think she’s going to be much taller than her “Mama.”  She’s long-waisted (yes, I’m envious) but nearly impossible to clothe.  Pants fit her fine in the waist, or are even too big, yet much too short.  Oh well, when I’m looking up to her one day, I can say that she takes after her “Papa.”

She had a great weekend, as she got to go to Nathan Ridgeway’s birthday party at Palmetto Amusements.  (Papa took her so that Mama could work on her dissertation).  Her favorite activities, according to Scott, included riding the pony, playing in the “jump castle,” and eating hotdogs and cake — in short, she enjoyed everything, as usual.

She’s almost officially two and a half (or will be on the 19th of February) and has been learning new words and songs everyday.  My favorite new word is “sorry,” pronounced “so-wy.”  I feel like a bad mother because I make her say it all the time, simply because I think it’s so cute.  Her favorite song is “Tomorrow” from Annie, and she treats my USC girlfriends to a rendition every time they come over.  A close second is “Tuppence” from Mary Poppins although she seems to think that the chorus is “Poppins, Poppins, Poppins a bag.” 

Who knew that children could be so funny?  Scott has had several ideas for America’s Funniest, the latest being a little routine Arina does whenever we discuss Mr. Knightley’s behavior.  Lately Knightley, or “Nu-nu” as Arina calls him, has been her nemesis, stealing her food and stuffed animals every chance he gets, and she has dubbed him “Bad boy.”  Scott tries to break her from this, and the conversation goes as follows.

Scott: Arina, Knightley’s a “Good boy.”

Arina: “Bad boy.” 

Scott: Can you say “good”?

Arina: “Good.”

Scott: Can you say “boy”?

Arina: “Boy.”

Scott: Knightley’s a “Good boy!”

Arina: “Bad boy.”